The Missions Organization of Grace Evangelical Church

Total Amount Given to Grace Venture 0/26/2003 - 7/20/2017 is $2,739,528.50.

"Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained."


Our Purpose

To focus our church on the accomplishment of the Great Commission by challenging her to "excel in the grace of giving." II Cor. 8:7

Our Premises

1.  We are not asking you to pray for more income, but for more faith with which to develop a giving heart.
2.  God does not promise to make generous Christians wealthy. He promises to make generous Christians capable of even greater generosity.
3.  The primary way of "excelling" is through greater sacrifice for which we were made willing by asking God for greater faith.

Our Hope

1.  Generate an additional $500,000 to be managed by a newly appointed Grace Venture Strategy Committee.
2.  Call this congregation to lifestyle adjustment and sanctified creativity so that we can give more sacrificially by putting the brakes on impulse spending and living more simply.


Our hope is that this project will result in more "living by faith," forcing us to a daily walk with God that is bathed in prayer, and allowing us to become partners in kingdom construction.

What is Grace Venture?

GV is not only about money
You’ve heard this from the pulpit. GV is not only, or even primarily about money. It’s about changing the way we live our lives; it’s about being more faithful in our desire to have God direct us in the use of His gifts for Kingdom building activities. Yes, if we are faithful, there will be significant monies generated, as money is a resource with which many of us have been blessed. But, if GV is successful, there are other equally important gifts and talents that will be also be offered with a greater passion for obedience and with a deeper joy for the privilege of being His tool in Kingdom building. God will use the time, talents and gifts that He has given us in unique ways.

GV giving is not instead of but rather in addition to
Tithes and gifts to the general fund must not decrease because of GV. We need those funds to faithfully support the wonderful and growing programs of Grace Evan including the missions programs that are ongoing. GV should be funded by those additional monies and other gifts that the Lord directs us to commit as we pray not for more income, but for more faith with which to develop a giving heart.

GV is not just about missions
Of course, missions are major tools given to us by the Lord to accomplish the Great Commission.  As such, the largest portion of financial resources available will be committed to support missions.  And, as our hearts are changed, there will be a greater desire to support missions, both global and community, with time and talents as well as our monies.  More importantly, as we grow in faith, we will seek new, innovative ways for outreach and other opportunities to glorify Him by following His commands to reach the needy.      

GV is not a policy making body
All policy comes from the Session.  The GVSC is tasked with developing the mechanisms to implement policy.