"Honoring our Savior through a loving defense of His unborn children"

Life MIT

Leader:  Trent Fleming
2357 Latimer Cove
Germantown, TN  38139

Assistant Leader:  Genetta Adair
2384 Collierville-Arlington Rd.
Eads, TN  38028
Home Phone: 901-861-1023
Email: expressdog@msn.com

Life MIT will use all the resources we have at Grace Evan to engage the congregation to fight against abortion and protect the unborn through prayer, education and involvement in the community.


September 27 - November 5

40 Days for Life
Your Life MIT presents opportunities throughout the year for you to stand with us during 40 Days for Life.  This is a peaceful, prayerful Stand for Life in front of Planned Parenthood.  Please join us as we "honor our Savior through a loving defense of His unborn children."  A Life MIT member will be there with you. 
The LIFE MIT has committed to have at least 2 people each hour on Friday and Saturday mornings from 10-noon, Sept. 27 - Nov. 5.  Come join us.  You may sign up at the Info Desk Sunday morning or click here.  Everyone will that stands for life will also need to sign a Statement of Peace.  If you have questions, please contact Peggy Daugherty at 901.493.2720.


Katie's Story

Sanctity of Human Life Sunday
"On January 22, 1973, our nation legalized abortion. Today, we mark this horrific decision by acknowledging the absence of 55 million human beings, each stamped with the image of our creator. Tomorrow, 30 more will lose their lives in Memphis. Please help us stop this insanity. Yes, please pray for an end to abortion. Then take the next step. Contact us to find your place in the fight to defend these precious women and their unborn children."

GEC Life MIT Presentations

GEC Life MIT Sanctity Of Life 2016 video version
GEC Life MIT Sanctity Of Life 2016 original PowerPoint

GEC Life MIT Tactics Pro-Life Apologist Illustrations & Outline


Bethany Christian Service
Executive Director:  Teri Seaton-Reaves
Address: 1255 Lynnfield Rd., Suite 236
Memphis, TN  38119
Phone: 901-818-9996

Life Choices of Memphis
Director:   Sue Parker
Address:  5575 Raleigh LaGrange
Memphis, TN 38134
Phone: 901-388-1172

Address:  2400 Poplar Ave., Suite 500
Memphis, TN  38112
Phone: 901-452-8991