Missional Training

Biblical knowledge and current missional knowledge are important factors in developing wise strategy and effective teams.  To foster a missionaly educated congregation, the following will be offered congregation-wide and required for certain committee and team positions.

Perspectives Course

A seminary-level study program designed to provide a Biblical understanding of the Great Commission along with a current scope of the task.  GEC is investigating partnering with Central Church to regularly offer this course in Memphis.


God’s Master Plan for Missions – the 4 week/1 day Intensive offered regularly at GEC.


Annually, hold a retreat at GEC for all MIT leaders and GV Strategy members.   The goals will be twofold: strategic evaluation and planning (short range, 1 year and long range, 5 year).


Teams involve more people and in order to equip MIT leaders, players and Grace Venture Strategy Committee, a handbook outlining policies and procedures will be made available.