NCC Truthseekers

Co-Leader:  Suzy Young
9365 Wheatland
Germantown, TN  38139
Home Phone: 901-624-3618

Co-Leader:  Karen Jordan
3060 Ashmont
Germantown, TN  38138
Home Phone:  901-755-1829

NCC Truthseekers MIT will have a Bible club for children ages 5 through 5th grade for 6 of the 12 Neighborhood Christian Center sites.  Each site will be supplied with everything they need for weekly meetings:  a nice canvas tote with felt storyboard and characters, crayons, markers, scissors and coloring sheets.


Teaching or co-teaching at NCC (Neighborhood Christian Center) sites
Christmas Event
End of the Year Competition
Easter Event

Monthly Supported Ministry

Neighborhood Christian Center
Director:  Ephie Johnson
785 Jackson Avenue
Memphis, TN  380107

  • Beautifully wrapped!
  • Christmas gifts for the children at NCC
  • Packing Food Boxes
  • Arranging flower arrangements for NCC Luncheon
  • Karen and the Girls
  • Look at mine!
  • Boys like crafts too!
  • He is my Strength
  • This is fun!
  • Guess what it is!
  • Joseph
  • If you are happy and you know it!

NCC Truthseekers MIT

This MIT, ministry initiative team, is working on felt story boards that will be used to tell Bible stories each week.  They will be teaching about 125 children each week at Binghampton, Frayser, Downtown, Getwell and Orange Mound.