Families Helping Families in Crisis

Safe Families MIT

Leader:  Sarah Hysong

  • Safe Families is not adoption or foster care.  
  • Safe Families offers support in a time of need 
  • Safe Families reunite children with their families in a stronger home environment.
  • Host families receive no compensation for caring for children.
  • Parents voluntarily place their children with a Host family.
  • The parents of the children are actively involved in their lives.
  • Host Families and Safe Families work with the parents during this transition to identify steps to regain stability and be reunited with their children quickly and safely

Ways To Get Involved

  • BE A HOST FAMILY open your home to a child or children in need, an alternative to foster care.
  • BE A SAFE FAMILY FRIEND volunteer your time and resources by helping a Host Family.
  • BE A SAFE FAMILY CHURCH share your ministry with your congregation.

Marbles: From Safe Families for Children from Kindred Partners on Vimeo.


Bridges Out of Poverty Class

Sun. May 22, 2-5 pm in Room 306 (Johnathan Todd's classroom)
Do you know or work with people who come from generational poverty? Do you struggle to understand what that’s like, or wonder why individuals make the choices that they do? Poverty isn’t just a condition of not having enough money, it involves a hidden realm of rules, emotions, and knowledge that guide relationships and life choices.   Katie Dunlap, Safe Families Coordinator, is facilitating a training workshop to help us better understand the culture of poverty and develop effective relationships with all people—especially those from a different socio-economic class.   Based on the work by Dr. Ruby Payne, this workshop will open your eyes and hearts to better serve the poor.  Childcare is also available!  Please register here for childcare.