Special Needs MIT

Leader:  Leslie Perry
1698 De Haig Lane
Collierville, TN  38017

Co-Leader:  Cindy Reid
1960 Glenbuck Street
Germantown, TN  38139
901.757.9151 Home
901.828.2504 Cell

Co-Leader: Jenny Tucker
1736 Grove Way Drive
Germantown, TN  38139
901.624-5397 Home
901.246.4376 Cell

The Special Needs MIT will reach out to Special Needs community with resources, prayer and financial help when possible.  If you would like to be a part of the Special Needs MIT please contact one of the ministry initiative team leaders.


Parents Night Out Events
The Special Needs MIT, Christ Methodist, Second Presbyterian, Longview Heights Baptist, and Young LIfe Capernaum will combine resources for a Parents Night Out event each month.  This is an outreach for parents in our community that have children of all ages with special needs.  We will feed the kids, have a devotional and play games and do crafts.  Grace Evan will host a Parents Night Out one Friday night each month in the gym.

Breakfast Club
A new event for the special needs community that has "aged out" of the kid's activities.  The morning will include breakfast, Bible Study, singing and community projects.  The Breakfast Club will meet at Grace Evan the 1st & 2nd Friday of each month from 9am - noon.   If you would like to volunteer, please contact Leslie Perry at 850-1698 or Jenny Tucker at 246-4376 or Cindy Reid at 828-2504.

Overnight Retreat
The Overnight Retreat is a respite for the parents.  Attendees will stay all night and enjoy dinner together, a Bible study, movie, t-shirts and breakfast.

Madonna Learning Center
The Madonna Learning Center is for special needs children.  The Special Needs MIT will begin teaching the kids how to make jewelry to raise money for their end of the year week outing. On Tuesdays, they teach a skill like cooking and beading jewelry.  On "Fun Fridays" they get to go shop and buy things with the money they've earned.

Memphis Bridges the Gap
Memphis Bridges the Gap is a resource fair for over 300 special needs caregivers.  Families will have the opportunity to see the resources available to help with vocational opportunities, estate and financil planning, group home venues, daytime care/activities and horse back riding therapeutic programs.  The Special Needs MIT will provide hamburgers, hotdogs, chips and drinks.

Dress Fest
Date TBA
Girls will find their dream dress for One Enchanted Evening / Memphis Joy Prom!  Prior to Dress Fest, volunteers (age junior and above) will be needed to help set up Friday, March 24, 4-6pm.  Volunteers will also be needed Saturday, March 25, 9:30-3pm to help the girls select the perfect dress, accessories, purse and shoes for the evening. Seamstresses needed for quick stitch.  If you would like to volunteer, please contact one of the Special Needs Ministry leaders.

Memphis Joy Prom
Date TBA
One Enchanted Evening
We partner with Second Pres., Christ Methodist, Longview Heights Baptist Church and Young Life Capernaum ministries to plan a city wide special needs prom for the special needs community. Last year, we had just over 200 kids this year!!  If you are interested in helping or want more information, please email me or stop me, Jenny Tucker, or Cindy Reid in the halls! Registration for guest and volunteers opens March 1st.

Click  Here for Paparazzi Photos

Full-scale prom for special needs individuals, ages 16+.  Get ready for a magical night, full of dancing, laughter, hugs & so much more!  If you know someone that would like to participate, please invite them to register at Memphis Joy Prom.   If you would like to help with the prom, please contact and of the Special Needs mInistry initiative team leaders.
We need your help...

  • paparazzi (all ages)
  • greeter (all ages)
  • chaperone (adults)
  • servers (middle school through adult)
  • glitz and glam (junior high through adult)
  • limousine chaperone (adults)
  • host and hostess (age 15+)
  • mix and mingle (all ages)
  • door monitors (adults)